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More good news about fat transfer to the breast.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon finds that fat transfer to the breasts allows for subtle improvements in breast shape.

Before fat transfer

After fat transfer

The more cases of fat transfer to the breast I do, the more I appreciate some of the advantages of fat transfer over breast implants.  There are the obvious advantages of no cost or upkeep of implants, no need for anything other than teen tiny incisions and the improvement in the shape of the fat donor sites.

       Another advantage that is nicely shown in these photos, is the ability to subtly improve the shape of the breast.  This is possible because specific areas of the breast can be targeted for injection.  In this case, before fat transfer, the bottom of the breasts was quite square.  After fat transfer, the bottom is more rounded.  Also, the fat filled up the upper part of her breasts.  I think I hit a home run on the right side.  She may be coming back for a little more to get that left side looking as good as the right.

        After 20+ years in practice, it has been so exciting and enjoyable learning this new procedure and being able to offer it to selected patients.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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