• Maternal Restoration (aka Mommy Makeover)
    Are you a mother? Have you ever wondered if there is any way to restore some of your pre-motherhood babe-hood? Well, I'm a plastic surgeon and a mother of three and I'm here to help!
  • Body Contouring
    Have you done your best? Let me do the rest! Those stubborn bulges are often not responsive to diet and exercise. Plastic surgery can help you achieve your personal best.
  • For Men Only
    Do real men have plastic surgery? Oh, yeah. And I'm very comfortable with the male plastic surgery patient. My dad, my husband, all my siblings, two thirds of my offspring and my cat are dudes.
  • Considering Breast Implants
    Only you can decide is breast implant surgery is right for you. Consultation with me includes "trying on" implants to see what size will enhance your overall figure. Bring a snug t-shirt or borrow one of ours!
  • How Do You Find the Right Plastic Surgeon?
    Start by looking for a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This assures your surgeon has trained fully and formally in an accredited plastic surgery residency program.
  • What Procedure is Right For Me?
    Take a long look at my web site. By the time you are done, I think you will have a good idea about my approach to plastic surgery. If you think we might be a good fit, call to set up a consultation.
  • Surgery After Massive Weight Loss
    Have you finally made friends with your scale? Congratulations! If you have been left with sagging skin or a few areas recalcitrant to your weight loss, body contouring can help.
  • For Women of a Certain Age
    Think you are "too old" to benefit from breast or body contouring? If you are in good health, think again!

Dr. Lisa Sowder, Plastic Surgeon in Seattle
Lisa Sowder, MD, FACS

Welcome to my web site.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

I am officially retired!  Any contact requests should be sent to banzino@madisonplasticsurgery.net.  She can assist you setting up a consultation with Dr. Salemy or Dr. Said.  And thanks for 30 great years

Please see this blog for my retirement announcement and this blog for an introduction to Dr. Hakim Said.

Stay well and keep in touch!   I’m keeping my IG accounts and my fabulous blog.

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Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder