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Dr. Lisa Sowder, Plastic Surgeon in Seattle
Lisa Sowder, MD, FACS

Welcome to my web site.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

COVID-19 Update, 3/19/20

Dear patients and prospective patients,

The COVID-19 outbreak in Seattle is seriously ramping up and is hitting close to home for me.  The 55 year old head housekeeper at my beloved Mother-In-Law’s retirement home died of Covid-19 two days ago.  A Seattle area ER physician in his 40’s is fighting for his life in a hospital I can see from my window.

Individuals over the 60 have been advised to stay home, even those of us over 60, like me, who are blessed with excellent health.  I am planning on taking that advice and as of today, March 19th, have cancelled all elective surgery for the next 4 weeks.  This is in step with many of my plastic surgery colleagues and other free standing ambulatory surgery centers in the Seattle area.  Seattle area hospitals stopped all elective surgery well over a week ago and currently there is an advisory for all hospitals in the United States to do the same.  This is in an effort to free up supplies, hospital beds and staff for what could be an overwhelming demand for hospital care in the coming 4 – 8 weeks.  Also, social distancing, which is now the norm, is not possible in a medical and especially surgical setting.  It’s had to operate on someone from 6 feet.

My staff is working very hard to get everyone rescheduled and we appreciate your understanding.

As an aside, there has been some confusion over the term “elective”.  Elective is not synonymous with cosmetic.  Elective means that delaying the surgery for weeks or even months will not result in any short or long term harm to the patient.  Elective applies to almost all of the surgery done in my ambulatory surgery center.

As for the clinic side of my practice, there will be changes.  All new consultations will be changed to an “out-of-town” consultation.  I do this often for real out-of-town patients and the patient care coordinators and front office staff will assist patients with that procedure.  I am asking post-operative patients to either delay their routine post-operative visits or to conduct these via phone and photos. Early post-operative care will, of course, be in person, either by me or my nurses or younger associate, Dr. Shahram Salemy.  I ask that patients who are able to drive themselves, to come alone if at all possible.  And please leave children at home.  The goal is to limit the number of interactions.  Also, don’t be surprised if we are wearing masks and ask you to wear one.  We are, as always, washing our hands many, many times a day and hope that our patients have also adopted this healthy habit.

And it goes without saying – if you are feeling ill or have an ill household member, please stay home.

Again, the situation is fluid and I will update this page as needed.

I would like to share a quote from Winston Churchill in 1941 shared with me by my wonderful Canadian colleague, Dr. Earl Campbell.  “We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will.  You do your worst – and we will do our best.”

Stay safe, stay strong, stay sane and stay in touch.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D., F.A.C.S.




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