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Ideal Breast Size?

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blogs about the highly variable “ideal” breast size.

Yesterday was a great day in the office seeing patients.  It was one of those days where all my post op patients were pleased and all the new patients were good candidates for surgery.  I had two patients, one a post op and one a new patient,  that drove home the fact that there is no single ideal breast size.  What is ideal for one woman may not be for another. 

Patient A was a year out from a breast augmentation.    She was thrilled with her result and was happy with her 34DD bra size.  The breasts looked good with her shoulders, tummy and hip line.  She was all curves.

Patient B also wore a 34 DD bra and was horrified at the size of her breasts.  She wanted a reduction.  Patient B’s breasts looked almost identical to Patient A’s augmented breasts but they did not fit her narrow chest or narrow hips and clearly they made her the recipient of a lot of unwanted attention.  She wanted to go down to a C cup which is where Patient A started.   Too bad they couldn’t have just swapped, huh?

Breast surgery is so individualized.   The entire body must be taken into account as well as the woman’s age, child bearing plans, athletic endeavors, career goals, etc.  This is what keeps my job interesting.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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