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Portion control in breast augmentation.

This cartoon is by the late, great B. Kliban. His book, “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head” is a treasure. Get your hands on one if you can. You’ll laugh until you cry.

Portion control is very important for maintaining a healthy weight and it becomes more and more difficult as restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, keep increasing the size of the offerings.  There is a Mexican place in Seattle that  has a poster of one of its burritos next to a new born baby.  They are the same size. So sick in so many ways, huh?

I would like to introduce portion control for breast implants.  There is a condition that we plastic surgeon’s call breast greed.  Those with breast greed want to go a little larger and then a little larger and then a little larger.  This results in the eager to please plastic surgeon putting a too big implant into a too little woman.  Supersized implants have an increased chance of having implant problems.  Big implants cause thinning of the breast tissue and skin and over-stretching of the pectoralis muscle if they are submuscular.  They are more likely to result in the dreaded unaboob or extend into the underarm area.  And, in my humble opinion, they look really, really bizarre.

Fortunately I do not get many patients looking for that super top heavy look.  Implant patients self select surgeons who feature these jumbo implants on their website or social media accounts.  You won’t fine many of those attached to my name.

Thanks for reading and if you want to supersize your chest, don’t come to me!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

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