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Seattle Plastic Surgeon discusses her very favorite operation.

breasts - 2“Dr. Sowder, what is you favorite procedure?” That is a question patients frequently asked. The answer, hands down, is breast lift a.k.a. mastopexy. I really love doing breast lifts because the patients get a lot of benefit for little risk and very minimal pain and suffering and for most patients, it’s affordable.

I often see ladies who think they need implants but really they just a little boost to improve the position of the nipple, decrease the diameter of the areola (it makes the breast look bigger) and tighten the skin and raise the breast mound.

After all the healing is done, the breasts look a little bigger and oh so perky. And there is no implant to maintain.

Implants are great for ladies who are really small busty but lots of ladies are plenty big but they just don’t realize it.

I also love the breast lift patients. They are usually middle aged moms who are so happy to get a few days off from family demands in addition to their new look. It’s a win, win, win.

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