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It’s never too early to plan ahead

Got cankles? Liposuction can usually help.

This Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon tells it like it is!   There are a few procedures I do that come close to immediate gratification but treatment of “cankles” is not one of them.

This week I saw a patient who wanted to have ankle liposuction ASAP so she could look really great for her upcoming  highschool reunion at the end of August.

The good news:  Ankle liposuction can  help most patients with heavy ankles (a.k.a. cankles) and/or calves.

The bad news:  Ankle and/or calf liposuction requires a long recovery period and patients need to wear heavy support hose for 3 to 6 months following the surgery.   Because the ankles are so dependent (meaning they are way below the level of the heart), they hang onto post liposuction swelling longer than, say, the area under the chin or even the upper thighs.  ( If you ever come across a doctor who wants to lipo your ankles who tells you otherwise, he/she is either ignorant and/or deceptive and you should run the other way.)

So my advice to this really, really lovely young woman:

  1. Find a great pair of slimming summer slacks that almost touch the ground when she is wearing a fab pair of high heeled sandals.
  2. Make the most of her lovely shoulders with a halter top.
  3. Book her ankle liposuction for October.

Next summer she can show off her nice ankles with a photo on her Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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