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Happy Belated Birthday to the Rolling Stones

Seattle Plastic Surgeon wishes Happy B-Day to those ageless boys of the Rolling Stones.

It’s hard to believe that the orginal Bad Boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll first went  had their first gig fifty years and one day ago.  Several years ago, Marianne Faithful wrote Memories, Dreams and Reflections about her high times with the band and rumor has it that Keith Richards gave her a call to tell her he didn’t really care what she wrote about him but to be sure to let her readers know how much fun they had.  Further proof that time flies when your having fun.  I haven’t read Marianne’s memoir but I’ve read Keith’s.    It’s a good read, especially about the early days in post WW II England and how he gets that unmistakable sound on his guitar. 

I’m not sure I would call the Stones examples of graceful aging but they have sure made it look much better than the alternative which of course is dying young and leaving a good looking corpse.  One thing they all have in common is that they DID NOT GET FAT.  Not many dudes can fit into their circa 1962 jeans but these dudes can.  Staying lean is obviously not good for the face but  that’s what fillers are for. 

My favorite Stone’s song is Gimme Shelter but Satisfaction is my all time favorite party sing-along song.  It’s so fun to play that opening riff and seeing everyone (well, I guess almost everyone) perk up and start tapping their feet.  What’s your favorite Stone’s song???  Let me know.

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