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Welcome to my blog. I am a plastic surgeon in Seattle and have been in private practice since 1991. I've seen more than a few interesting faces and cases through my years spent in the exam room, the operating room and the emergency room. And I have an opinion on just about everything relating to plastic surgery (and a lot of unrelated stuff). If you like my blog, let me know. Thanks for reading! Lisa

Are the planets aligned for your surgery?

Is there an astrologer in the house?

blog planets alligned

How are those planet lining up for your day of surgery?

Today I saw a lovely lady who is a great candidate for tummy tuck and fat transfer to the breasts.   She’s done with babies, her youngest is out of diapers and she is ready to reclaim a little bit of her babehood.  She’s also got some help lined up and some time off work available and now all she needs to do is check with her astrologer to make sure planetary alignment is just right!

Back when I was a smarty pants young surgeon, I would have dissed this lady’s belief in astrology but now that I have been around the block a time or two, I recognize that many people believe in things that I don’t and vice versa.  So if I need to tweek my schedule a little bit to get in alignment with her planets, I’ll do my best to do so.

Thanks for reading and by the way, I’m an Aries.  That explains everything, huh?  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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