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Would someone please lend me their crystal ball?

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blogs about needing a crystal ball to answer many of her patients’ questions.

How will your breasts look 20 years after your surgery? Let me look into my crystal ball.

I had one of those days today where every patient asked me to predict the future.  

  • Will I be able to drive a week after a tummy tuck? 

  • Will these implants look okay after I have children? 

  •  Will I get fat on my hips if I have liposuction on my abdomen?

  •  How long will a face lift “last”? 

  • Will my breasts grow back after a reduction? 

  • Will I gain weight when I go through menopause?

My honest answer to all of those questions is this:  I DON”T KNOW. 

I am always very, very happy to share what I have learned from being in practice for over twenty years and what most of my patients have experienced but I cannot predict the future for any given patient!  I am an optimist by nature but that being said, I am not one to sugar coat the realities of postoperative discomfort, postoperative scars, the effects of gravity, the physical and mental price of childbearing, or the horrors of menopause. 

So if any of you wonderful readers out there have a crystal ball, please let me know when Seattle is going to have the “BIG ONE” meaning our long over due devastating earthquake.  I want to be visiting my mom in Spokane when it hits.

Thanks for reading and sorry about being a little prickley.  It’s been a long day and I still have another hour of paperwork!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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