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Mons pubis reduction: Yes, it is a procedure I perform.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blogs about the saggy and/or fatty mons pubis.

blog monsI get a lot of email inquiries about the mons pubis.  This is a problem area for many women and there just is not a lot of information out there about treatment options.  So, here’s some info about that mons pubis a.k.a. the Mound of Venus (I just loooove that term).

The mons pubis tends to sag with gravity like everything else and like most structures, the larger it is the more gravity works on it and the more it sags.  Weight fluctuations, which are not good for the skin, can result in severe sagging.  Also, some people just have lousy skin tone.  And some ladies just have a lot of fat in the mons, even if they are quite slender.  Why, why, why?  I don’t know but I do know how to make it better.

The mons pubis should always be evaluated in the tummy tuck patient.  Lifting and/or reducing the size of the mons should be an integral part of the tummy tuck procedure in patients who have issues.  Addressing the mons pubis adds very little time to the tummy tuck procedure and does not make for a longer recovery.  Not addressing a heavy and/or saggy mons at the time of tummy tuck can result in an imbalance between the abdomen and the mons pubis and can look really, really odd.

Mons lift and/or reduction can be done separately from a tummy tuck in patients who have already had a tummy tuck or in the occasional patient who has a heavy mons pubis despite a trim abdomen.  If she has great skin tone, liposuction is often very effective.  If the skin tone is not so good, liposuction plus skin tightening is done.  This latter procedure leaves a scar much like a C-section scar.  Because it is difficult to keep this area of the body elevated after surgery, post-operative swelling can last awhile but usually after a few weeks, the difference is very obvious and at three months, most ladies are thrilled with their trimmer public area.

Oh, one other thing:  This type of surgery does not effect genital sensation at all.  The nerves to the real lady bits do not travel through this area.  The actual mons might be a little numb for a few weeks or months but that has not been an issue with my mons pubis surgery patients.

Thanks for reading!   I hope I didn’t make you blush.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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