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Male brow and eyelid surgery – easy does it!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon does male plastic surgery
The masculine brow is low and the lids are full. Just ask James Dean.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blogs about male facial plastic surgery.

Recently I have done facial plastic surgery on a few dudes and that has gotten me thinking about the difference between male and female plastic surgery. 

With guys undergoing facial surgery, especially around the eyes, less is more.   When one thinks of bad male plastic surgery outcomes, it is often because the area around the eyes was overdone and thus feminized.  That’s not the look most dudes are looking for.

The masculine male brow is low and either horizontal or with just a little itty bitty arch laterally.  And the eyelids are full with a little bit of redundant skin on the upper lids.  The lower lids should also be full but not bulging, with a smooth transition to the cheek.  I often do not remove fat in the lower lids in men, but rather drape it over the lower rim of the eye socket to smooth this area out without making it look hollow. 

I think that operating on guys can be a little tricky because they are more likely to overdue it after surgery and that can result in bleeding, bruising and swelling.  So I always read them the riot act and make sure their family or friends know that hopping on the kite-board or racing off to play Ultimate Frizbee  is not okay until I say so.  

Hey dudes, I’m bossy because I care.  Thanks for reading, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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