A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook

For middle aged dudes with mustaches – looking younger almost instantly.

Mustache dye job seen by Seattle Plastic Surgeon

No surgery, no pain, and the cost of a few lattes.

Anyone for immediate gratification?  Seattle Plastic Surgeon discovers youth in a bottle for middle aged dudes with mustaches. 

Okay, check this out.

This is a gentleman who came in for a scar revision on his forehead.  When he came in for his post-surgical photos, I was stunned with how much younger he looked.  It took looking at his pre surgical-photos for me to put a finger on what was different.

It was his mustache.  He had dyed it with the help of his girlfriend and honestly, I think it took a good ten years off of him.

I wish I could have attributed his youthful visage to my fabulous surgical skills but could not.  It was his resourceful and clever lady friend and the patient’s openness to this little over the counter tweek.  Good for both of them.

My husband sports nothing but a 5:00 shadow but if he ever grows out his salt and pepper stubble, I know what I will be recommending!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder.



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