What’s New » Lipostructure (fat grafting)

Lipostructure (fat grafting) according to Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Lipostructure is a refined technique of fat grafting. Lipostructure differs from other fat grafting techniques in both the harvesting of the fat and the placement of the fat. This atraumatic and precise technique makes the results of Lipostructure much more predictable and long lasting than standard fat injections. I am very happy to be able to offer patients this method of fat grafting.

Indications for Lipostructure include any condition which results in the loss of subcutaneous fat and a resultant defect. For example, facial aging often is caused by the loss of facial fat. The lack of a youthful look is only partly because of sagging skin. It is also because of a lack of fullness under the skin. Lipostructure can sometimes restore youthful fullness in a way that standard skin tightening procedures, such as a facelift cannot.

Another example is that of acne scarring. Patients who have had severe cystic acne not only are left with superficial scars, they are often left with atrophy or wasting of the subcutaneous fat in the affected areas. Lipostructure can plump up these areas thus restoring the normal shape to the face and at the same time, make the superficial scars less prominent.

Other scar conditions, especially when the scar is depressed, can often be improved with Lipostucture.

Aging of the hands is another indication for Lipostructure. As we age, we lose fat in the hand and the veins and tendons become more prominent. Lipostructure to the hands can restore some of the youthful fullness that other treatments, such as chemical peels or vein stripping cannot.