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Hand Rejuvenation with fat transfer in Seattle

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Hand Rejuvenation according to Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Our hands are only second to our face in their exposure for all to see. They also really take a beating from the sun (even in rainy Seattle), dishwater, surgical scrubbing, changing the oil, cold, wind; you name it. In addition to having the skin punished over the years, in middle age the hands tend to lose fat and become more bony.

Add some joint thickening from arthritis and you have some ancient looking meat hooks. So you can take great care of yourself, have a little surgical help with the inevitable sags and bags, become a gym rat and yikes(!) those hands can give it all away.

I have found that lipostructure (fat transfer) to the hands is a wonderful way to rejuvenate this fashion accessory. The fat plumps up the hands, softens the outlines of tendons and bones and makes the skin appear smoother. I take fat from an area where it is unappreciated (usually the waist or flanks), refine it and then inject it into the layer just beneath the skin of the hands.

I tape the surface of the hands for about a week and ask my patients to keep their hands elevated for about 24 hours after surgery and then rest them as much as possible for about a week.