A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook


Help in Determining your Best Procedure and Result

Sometimes patients aren’t quite sure where they should start and seek my input.

I carefully interview and examine my patients and give them the honest assessment of what procedure(s) I think will be the most effective to address their area of concern. If a patient is considering several procedures, sometimes they can be combined and done during one surgical setting, thus saving cost and recovery time. Other times it is advisable to stage the procedures. I encourage patients to rate their concerns from most to least and have the most bothersome feature addressed first.

If a patient wants a procedure that I think is unsafe or will result in an imbalance in the face or the body, I will do my best to come up with a plan that makes sense to both me and the patient.

I regularly attend educational conferences and read the plastic surgery literature to stay up to date. I add new procedures and techniques to my practice as the art and science of plastic surgery evolves. One thing I love about the field of plastic surgery is that it is always seeking better and safer ways to address the problems of the human form.

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