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Welcome to my blog. I am a plastic surgeon in Seattle and have been in private practice since 1991. I've seen more than a few interesting faces and cases through my years spent in the exam room, the operating room and the emergency room. And I have an opinion on just about everything relating to plastic surgery (and a lot of unrelated stuff). If you like my blog, let me know. Thanks for reading! Lisa

The worst possible way to spend your time when recovering from surgery – surfing the net.

Every week I get some questions sent to me by the website RealSelf.  I am always amazed by the many questions submitted by patients sometimes within a day or two of surgery.  I cannot fathom why a patient would turn to an online community of doctors rather than their own surgeon to answer their questions and address their concerns.

OMG. Is that going to happen to me?

And then there are patients who scrub the web for scenarios that are either much better or much worse than their own.  I just don’t get it.

I advise my patients to concentrate on their situation, their surgery, their recovery. Going online and finding someone who is healing quicker than you or slower than you or just differently that you is not helpful and let me tell you, it makes your surgeon a little cranky.

So……………..take your meds as prescribed.  Get some rest.  Drink lots of water.  Go out for a little walk.  Make yourself a sandwich.  Make your caregiver a sandwich.  Clean our your junk drawer.  Questions?  Concerns?  Run them by your surgeon.  Just don’t go online.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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