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What can dog toys teach us about obesity?

Meet Henrietta and Earl

Seattle Plastic Surgeon shares her dog toy wisdom.

My aussie/border collie/snapping turtle, Stella, just loves her Henrietta and Earl chew toys.  Henrietta emits a high pitched squeal when chewed.  Earl produces a realistic flatus-like sound.  Stella, Henrietta and Earl make for some great hilarlity – for about 30 seconds.

Henrietta and Earl do, however, have some redeeming qualities in that they are very useful for obesity education.

Henrietta has a problem with external obestiy.  Her excess fat is mostly external and distributed kind of all over – her hips, back, chest, upper thighs and tummy.  This fat is unsightly but not much of a health issue.

Earl, on the other hand, has the dreaded internal belly fat.  Earl, who has an inappropriately elevated level of self esteem, will say, “It’s muscle, not fat.  Feel it, baby, it’s hard.”  Well, it’s not muscle, Earl.  It’s belly fat and it puts Earl at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, etc.

Henrietta’s fat is best addressed with weight loss but it can also be addressed with breast and body contouring surgery.  Earl’s fat on the other hand can only be addressed with weight loss.  Surgery cannot remove Earl’s internal fat although Stella is doing her best to chew it off.

Thanks for reading!  Easily asmused Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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