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Mommy Makeover – my very favorite postoperative question.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon’s favorite mommy makeover postoperative question:  “Is it okay for me to wear a bikini?”

Be sure to wear your sunscreen!

Be sure to wear your sunscreen!

I saw one of my favorite patients yesterday.  She’s a hard working mother of three and is about a year out from her mommy makeover.  She wondered if was okay for her to wear a bikini on an  upcoming adult-only-no-kids-invited trip to Maui.  And to think that just a year ago, she was loath to get into any swimsuit.

This is what my makes my work so enjoyable.  It’s gratifying to see these moms (and sometimes grandmoms!) get a little or sometimes a lot of their babehood back.

Recovering from a mommy makeover can be a challenge in many ways.  There is the discomfort, the physical restrictions, the time off work, the extra needed help with the kids, and those darn scars but ……………….once the patient is back to her normal routine and the scars are on their way to fading, she can slip into a bikini, run into the surf and enjoy many more years of being a babe.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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