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Welcome to my blog. I am a plastic surgeon in Seattle and have been in private practice since 1991. I've seen more than a few interesting faces and cases through my years spent in the exam room, the operating room and the emergency room. And I have an opinion on just about everything relating to plastic surgery (and a lot of unrelated stuff). If you like my blog, let me know. Thanks for reading! Lisa

I’m soooo glad I walked the pooch around Greenlake this morning.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon takes care of her own health and walks her own damn dog. 

I got up early this morning to get a little exercise with the Hell Hound also known as Stella.    We walked around Seattle’s Greenlake, which  is about 2.8 miles and 562 corrections of my wayward Aussie.  If Stella doesn’t get her little outing everyday she goes from a bad doggie to the baddest doggie.   And you know what?  I can get a little cranky myself if I don’t get a little daily romp around.

And here is a Youtube lecture that confirms just what I have been suspecting for years.  Make sure you check this out and send it along to all of your friends. 

And if walking the dog is your “drug of choice” and you don’t have a dog, let me know.  I just may be able to set you up with a 39 pound, 20 month old tri-color Aussie /Border Collie Hell Hound. 

Check this out and thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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