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Today is Arbor Day – a celebration of the future instead of the past

Those of you who know me well know that I am a real tree hugger.  blog arbor dayI love to garden and I really love my trees.  I have been know to tell my children that I love my 20 year old Chojuro pear tree more than I love them.  Of course they know that I am just kidding but I’ve told them not to let the Chojuro know.  It is currently magnificently in bloom and come August, I will be up to my armpits in pears.

Arbor Day is a little known holiday but it’s one of my favorites.  Arbor Day celebrates our hope for the future rather than our remembrance of the past.  Planting a tree is an act of faith that the little sapling will take root and turn sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into good things like wood, leaves, flowers and fruit.  My Chojuro provides shade for our hammock in the summer and a lovely silhouette in the blue light of winter.  Our 80 year old Deodar Cedar out front provides a rookery for our Stellar Jays, flickers, crows, chickadees and sparrows. Years ago a mother raccoon chose the crook of our Deodar to lounge all night with her 4 babies.  My children still talk about it some 10 years later.  Oh, and have I told you about my Harlequin Glorybower?  Actually, I have in a previous blog entry!

As you can see, I really am a bit of a tree freak.  So……..celebrate Arbor Day and plant a tree but first consult a knowledgable nursery.  It’s best not to chose that darling baby Giant Sequoia for that spot next to the front door.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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