Your Procedure » Preoperative Visit

The preoperative visit is scheduled about 2 weeks prior to your date of surgery. During this visit, I will do a physical exam and review the surgical plan with you and provide you with your prescriptions.   We will also complete the required paper work including your informed consent forms.  Please review these prior to your preoperative visit and make a note of any questions or concerns so we can discuss them.

At your pre-op visit, I make sure I have answered all of your questions and we finalize the surgical plan.

I will review with you what you can expect your day of surgery and I will make suggestions to help your recovery be as rapid and comfortable as possible.  If you have any specific concerns, please let me know.  It is always helpful if your caregiver can attend the preoperative visit with you. 

If I have not taken photos of the surgical area, I will do so at this visit.  I use these photos to plan your surgery. 

The nurse will review your pre and postoperative instructions. He/she will review your prescriptions with you.  We recommend you fill your prescriptions prior to your day of surgery.

The patient care coordinator will collect payment for my surgical fees.

Total time for the preoperative visit is usually about 45 minutes.

The goal of the preoperative visit is to make the day of surgery smooth sailing.

Questions about your preoperative visit?  Call my office at (206) 467-1101.