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Initial Consultation with Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Your first step is to call my office and schedule an appointment.  My phone number is (206) 467-1101.   Don’t be surprised if a real, live person answers the phone!  My receptionist or patient care coordinator will want to know your area(s) of concern and/or your procedure(s) of interest.  This will allow her to schedule you for the proper length of consultation.  Try to come a few minutes early to fill out patient registration and health history forms or you can fill out some of that information online.  My receptionist can give you the access code to do so.   

My Seattle Plastic Surgery office is on the 11th Floor of the Madison Tower near Swedish Hospital on Seattle’s First Hill.   There is parking right in the building.  My address is 1101 Madison Street, Suite 1101.  Seattle, WA  98104.  You may want to allow some extra travel time.  The traffic in Seattle tends to vary somewhere between bad and horrific during business hours. 

This initial consultation is a fact-finding mission and a get-to-know-you session. We will discuss your concerns and expectations, review your medical history and examine your area of concern. We will discuss your options and your expected recovery time and ultimate results.

I will answer any questions you may have about the procedure and will provide you with an information packet that contains brochures, consent forms, and pre and postoperative instructions.

Thanks to many, many helpful patients who are willing to share their experience with others, I have a wide variety of before and after photos of patients on whom I have operated. A picture truly is worth a bazillion words. I can almost always find a patient with similar anatomy and age to any given patient. None of my photos are altered in any way. It’s always nice for a prospective patient to say; “Oh, that looks great. When can I get on the schedule?” But it’s also important for me to point out some of the realities of surgery such as scars or the limitations posed by skin quality, age or body type.

My Patient Care Coordinator and I will put together a price quote and look at scheduling options at your first visit.

You will also meet with my Patient Care Coordinator who can go over the costs of surgery, financing options and, if you desire, schedule your surgery and your preoperative visit.

Feel free to bring your spouse or a friend to this consultation. Those who care about you may have questions and concerns of their own.  We love children and they are welcome in our office.  As for fur babies – please leave them at home or in your car. 

I charge $100 for an initial consultation.  If you end up having a procedure, that consultation fee goes towards my surgeon’s fee.   I am well aware that some of the competition offers free cosmetic surgery consultations.  I do not and here is why:  I spend a lot of time with my patients at their initial consultation and if I did not charge for my time and expertise, the only way I could make that time worth my overhead is to recommend surgery for every patient who walks through my door.  That presents a moral hazard and I like to avoid moral hazards.  By charging for my time, I am able to give a honest assessment of your problem and whether or not a plastic surgical procedure would likely safely and effectively address your concerns.  For some patients, being told plastic surgery will not likely benefit them, is well worth the consultation fee.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please call my office at (206) 467-1101.