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Will I be happy with fat transfer to the breast?

Check out these el cheapo breast enhancers.

blog fat transfer sizingThose of you familiar with my web site and this blog know that I really like to emphasize that fat transfer to the breasts is much different than a breast implant procedure.   Fat transfer results in a much more subtle and natural appearing enhancement compared to breast implants.   Here is a great way to determine, in the privacy of your own home,  if you will be happy with fat transfer.

There are a bajillion kinds of breast enhancers (we used to call them falsies when I was in high school) on the market.  I keep the June Tailor Beautiful You enhancers in two sizes in my office to help patients visualize that fat transfer can do.  These enhancers are available at Joanne Fabrics and they are very reasonably priced.  The larger size is pretty representative of the size increase a woman with a little breast laxity and  nice juicy donor sites (hips, tummy, thighs) can expect.  The smaller size is a pretty good idea of what a smaller, slimmer woman with tight breasts can expect.

So if you are thinking about fat transfer to the breasts, buy a pair of enhancers and wear them around for a few days.  And if you come in for a consultation, make sure to bring your enhancers with you.  That will give me a good idea of what sort of volume increase you will be happy with and help me determine if you are a good candidate for fat transfer to the breast.

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