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Vertical Breast Lift by Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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Vertical Breast Reduction and Breast Lift according to Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

After doing breast reductions and breast lifts essentially the same way for about 10 years, I  started doing some of my breast reduction and almost all of my breasts lifts using a technique that reduces the length of scars by eliminating the long scar under the breast. This vertical technique also improves the shape of breast and holds up longer over time. This technique was pioneered by a Belgian plastic surgeon, Dr. Madeleine Lejour and has been used in Europe for many years. A Canadian plastic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, has made some modifications to this technique and has clarified the procedure in several excellent  publications.

After using this technique almost exclusively since the spring of 2002, I am very happy with the results and so are my patients. I use this procedure for my breast lifts and small to moderate breast reductions (250 – 700 grams per side). This is also my preferred method for a unilateral reduction in cases of asymmetry.

If you are interested in a reduction or a lift and want to minimize scars and maximize perkiness, this may be the right procedure for you. Please visit my photo gallery for before and after photos.

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