A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook

This treatment for thinning hair really works.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon recommends Rogaine for thinning middle age hair.

Does she or doesn't she use Rogaine?   Helen will never tell.

Does she or doesn’t she use Rogaine? Helen will never tell.

About a year ago, I saw a patient about my age (50 something) with really, really gorgeous hair.  And it was all hers – no extentions or weaves.  I commented on her good fortune and she told me that she had been using Rogaine for about 5 years and it had restored the head of hair she remembered having as a young woman.

Soooooo – I gave it a try myself and after one year of pretty consistent use, I have noticed a very nice increase in volume and the thinning patches around my temples have filled in nicely.  Okay, all the new hair is gray  but that’s what a good colorist is for!

So if you are loosing your crowning glory to the magic of middle age, give Rogaine a try.

And by the way, it works better on women than men, probably because we are more consistent.  We’re used to messing with our hair, aren’t we ladies?

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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