Testimonials for Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Here is why I love coming to work:

“Thank you for taking the fear out of surgery and for giving me the best care.  Please pass this along to your staff, as they too have been wonderful!!”

Heidi, a 38 year old blepharoplasty patient.

“This letter is almost 14 years past due!  In late spring of 2001 you did my breast implant surgery.  Prior to surgery, I was convinced I wanted really large breasts.  I was tired of being flat-chested and was dreaming of looks like Dolly Parton!  You counseled me against going really large.  In face, you might have actually refused to give me the size I wanted.  I don’t remember.  I do remember that I decided you were the expert and that I would go with your recommendation.  I am sooooooo happy I did.  In the ensuing 14 years since my surgery I have see some really bad augmentation:  Implants that are obviously implants, huge breasts on small women which make the look ridiculous, etc.   My surgically enhanced breasts are the absolute perfect size for me.  And because you instructed me to do the manipulation exercises post-op, they look and feel almost real.  Last week I was at my year physical and my doctor told me I had the best breast augmentation she’s even seen.   So, Dr. Sowder, I think of you quite often with extreme gratitude.  You do fantastic work.  Thank you!”

Shannon, a 45 year old teacher and tennis coach who underwent breast augmentation with saline implants.

First let me say, you are my hero. I taught for two hours today, writing on the board, talking to students, and generally making a fool of myself, all while wearing a pastel green sport shirt. A week ago, there is no way I could have done it.”

Kevin, a 26 year old grad student and teaching assistant at the University of Washington who underwent Botox injections to treat his excessive underarm sweating.

“I want you to know what you’ve done for me.  I’ve been searching for an answer to my problematic implants for 8 years.  I had about 7 consults including the original surgeon.  I was told I needed to “go bigger” to fix my problem.  I was told I could not remove my implants successfully.  Nobody understood what I wanted or how to help me.   And so I waited 8 years of my life for the answer.  I found the answer in you!  I don’t think you know how special you are.  After removal of my implants and my lift, I feel sensation regained that I lost when I got implants.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am grateful to you.”

Anna Marie, a 35 year old woman who underwent removal of her WAY TOO BIG implants and a breast lift. 

“Thank you for mending my self-esteem and making me feel like a woman again.  What you did for me is priceless.”

Donna, a 40 something year old law enforcement office who underwent breast and body contouring following major weight loss.

“Thank you for taking the ‘fear” out of surgery and giving me the best care. Please pass this along to your staff, as they too have been wonderful!!”

Melanie, abdominoplasty patient

“You restored my faith in myself, gave me back my body, and allowed me to begin the healing process to recover from one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can endure.”

Kathryn, 50-year-old breast cancer survivor

“My decision to use you as my surgeon came easily. Once we met, I knew my search was over. You are an approachable, compassionate and skilled surgeon that I have total and complete confidence in.”

Laura, 43-year-old abdominoplasty patient

Nancy, 53-year-old breast cancer survivor“You gave me hope and your surgical skills gave me a body that I am no longer ashamed of. I can dress up and feel like a woman again.You helped to give me my life back.”

Nancy, 53-year-old breast cancer survivor

“My new breasts are just beautiful. They look like I grew them myself at puberty. I had the usual misgiving about having cosmetic surgery. I worried about whether I was just being silly and vain. I was concerned about how it might impact my strength and participation in sports. I can tell you now; I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat. Changing the size and shape of my breasts did not have anything to do with the “big boob” thing, but my body image was affecting my self-esteem, my behavior and my intimate relationship. A final note about the expense:   Over the last dozen years I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on clothes, trying to shore up my self-confidence about my looks. Of course, these outfits only give a transitory boost if anything at all, and eventually end up at the back of the closet or the Goodwill. A t-shirt now looks good and that’s about all I need. “Surgery was the best deal of my life.”

Barb, 45-year-old breast augmentation and breast lift patient.

“My life has changed dramatically since surgery. My health and self-esteem have improved. My training for a triathlon in the summer would have been impossible before. My friends and family comment almost every day about what a positive transformation I’ve undergone. I pinch myself every morning, I’m so happy with the result and wish the reduction had been done 25 years ago.”

Rachel, 45-year-old breast reduction patient.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the way you treat me with respect, take time to listen and exude an approachable, far-from-condescending attitude. These attributes coupled with your talent yield a rare and valuable combination. Though the business of medicine no longer provides short-term incentive to those who take time to treat each patient, I believe strongly that your investment pays off not only for your patients, but for yourself, as well.”

Melinda, 36-year-old submental liposuction patient.

Michael, 66 year old upper and lower blepharoplasty patient.“My problem was sagging eyelids and bags under my eyes that made me look old and tired. Before the operation, I was given a clear and realistic description of all aspects of the procedure: the expense, the discomfort (mild) and the time to recovery. After the operation I experienced the meticulous care for which Dr. Sowder has become known. It was amazing to see how much improvement resulted from expert and gentle care.”

Michael, 66 year old upper and lower blepharoplasty patient.

“I want to thank you and your staff for being such an amazing support during my recent surgery and recovery. Since my first time at your office until now, your quality care has been exceptional and I appreciate all you do. From Sarah’s smiles, to Jim’s jokes and Dr. Sowder’s exceptional work, your thoughtfulness and expertise shows in everything you do!”

Stacey, personal trainer and mother of three who underwent abdominoplasty and breast reduction.

“It has been quite a journey, and I just want you to know how very much I appreciate you, as well as your kind staff. This has been very worthwhile and I have learned much through the process.”

Virginia, a bookkeeper and grandmother who lost over 100 pounds and then underwent several body contouring procedures.

“The part of my body that said I was ugly is quiet.”

Valerie, a 50 year old abdominoplasty patient at her one year follow-up visit.

“I knew right away during our initial consultation that you were the right surgeon for me. I appreciated your honesty, attention to detail in answering my questions and your confidence and enthusiasm toward what I wanted to do. For the first time in my life, I am excited to go bathing suit shopping. No more plastic chicken cutlets for me!”

Kate, a breast augmentation patient.

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