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Strattice – is this my new best buddy in the operating room?

Seattle Plastic Surgeon loves acellular dermal matrix, Strattice.

Strattice is very, very useful for difficult implant revision cases. It provides soft tissue coverage and position control for breast implants. It acts like an internal push-up bra. Sweet, huh?

Seattle Plastic Surgeon is really, really loving the acellular dermal matrix, Strattice.  So are her challenging breast implant revision patients.

In the past two months, I have been getting a lot of experience with Strattice, which is an acellular dermal matrix.  Sounds very complicated, huh? 

The concept is not complicated at all.  Strattice, which feels a lot like the chamois you may use to polish your car, acts like an internal bra.  It supports the breast implant the way a bra supports the breast.  It also provides some additional soft tissue coverage for the implant which is really nice in thin women.  And there’s more!  It appears that Strattice reduces the chance of the dreaded capsular contracture by altering the body’s scarring mechanism around the implant.   And there’s even more!  Strattice, which is made from pig skin, is eventually replaced by the patients collagen.  Like the term “acellular dermal matrix” implies, the Strattice acts as a scafold for the patients own tissue.  And yes, there’s even more!  Even though Strattice comes from pigs, none of my patients have sprouted  curly tails.

The downside?  Using Strattice is a little tricky and it adds O.R. and anesthesia time.  Also, it’s expensive but not as expensive as an additional breast implant revision.   

Time will tell if Strattice is really my new best buddy, but so far it’s looking very, very promising.  And, by the way, I get no, nada, zero, zilch $$$ for saying nice things about this or any other product. 

Thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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