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Statistics on “throwing in the towel.”

Seattle Plastic Surgeons shares the latest depressing news about “throwing in the towel”. 

imagesCANBUN41I was paging through one of the many infomercial type “journals” I recieve and came across an interesting statistic from Benenden Health, a healthcare company in the U.K.

They interviewed 2000 men and women and found that, on average, men give up on their appearance and health at age 46 and women give up at age 59.  Maybe that explains why, at my 30th high school reunion a few years ago, the women looked so much better than the men.  The women were still trying!

This study also reports – and this is really, really depressing – that on average, it takes about 26 months after a wedding before the average person said they stopped bothering about their looks.  Yikes,  that’s just over two years out from walking down the aisle!

I sure hope that this survey reflects the culture of the U.K. and not the States.  Throwing in the towel is not good for my business!

Thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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