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Facial Skin Lesion Excision according to Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

One person’s “beauty mark” may be another person’s ugly mole. It all depends on perspective. If you are considering having some facial moles or other skin lesions removed, consider coming to me. Almost all of these can be done under local anesthesia and in most cases, the patient can drive home. I do ask that patients avoid heavy physical activity for a day or two to minimize swelling and bruising. I take stitches out after 5 – 7 days and then start patients on a plan to reduce scarring.

Excision of Eye LesionI you think your skin lesion may be cancerous or if it looks suspicious to me, I will send it for microscopic examination by a pathologist. For those cases that look iffy, I can take a tiny piece for examination and make the decision regarding removal based on the diagnosis.

Sometimes a lesion requires a wide excision and in that case, you want to make sure you have a plastic surgeon on the case. We know how to rearrange the skin to fill in the defect and minimize the scarring.  Sometimes it seems like magic, but really it’s just plastic surgery!

I do not provide routine lesion surveillance in the cases of melanoma screening. This is best left to a dermatologist who can do full body surveillance photography.

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