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Face Lift

Attention:  I am currently not doing face lifts or standard neck lifts due to issues with my neck.  I am leaving this information on my website as some patients may find it useful.  This may change in the future but I’m not getting any younger!   I am still doing eyelid surgery, brow lift, fat transfer to the face and direct excision neck lifts.  

Seattle is one of those young, hip cities where jowls and the wisdom that may accompany them, are under-appreciated.  It is also a city where the AARP crowd can be seen rowing through the Ship Canal or running around Greenlake or taking an advanced class at Yogalife. Sometimes that face just doesn’t match up with the well toned body.

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Quick facts:

  • Costs:  $10,000 – $13,000 depending on the extent and length of surgery.
  • Post-operative pain:  mild to moderate.
  • Drains?:  yes, usually  removed in 3 – 5 days.
  • Time off work or school: 2 – 3 weeks depending on how much you bruise and swell and whether or not you care if your coworkers know you had “something done”.
  • Time off driving:  1 week or once you are off narcotic pain meds.
  • Time away from the gym:  4 weeks.
  • Time off the slopes:  6 weeks.
  • Time off the kite board: 6 weeks.
  • How long it lasts: usually about 10 years.  Facelift turns the clock back but does not stop it’s ticking! 
  • Patient satisfaction:  high.

The fine print:

A face lift is a surgical procedure that  lifts the skin and deeper layers of the face, jaw line and neck. Sometimes excess fat is also removed from under the chin to provide better definition. This procedure can help restore a more youthful appearance to the face and neck.

Most patients who have this procedure are middle aged and older although sometimes younger patients who have inherited lax skin or have lost a lot of weight can benefit from the procedure.

Face lift can be done several ways and the surgery is always customized to the patient. Sometimes additional procedures such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery is combined with a face lift to obtain the optimal result.  At the initial consultation, I will examine you and decide which type of procedure or combination of procedures is best suited for you.

Facial surgery is done either in my AAAASF certified office operating room or Seattle Surgery Center, an outpatient surgical center located a block from my building. This procedure is usually performed under a general anesthetic. Sometimes a limited short scar facelift is indicated and these often can sometimes be done under intravenous sedation and local anesthetic. Face lift patients go home the day of surgery and are seen in the office the next day.

Recovery from this procedure takes a few weeks. The face and neck are bruised and swollen noticeably for about one to two weeks.  After two weeks, most residual bruising and swelling can be concealed with make up. The area under the chin takes the longest to heal. This area can feel firm and stiff for several months after surgery. This is usually noticeable only to the patient and doctor and not to the casual observer. The scars are usually well hidden around and behind the ear and under the chin. Although they are initially red, they usually fade within a few months.

Facelifts usually “last” for about 10 years. This type of procedure turns the clock back but does not stop the ticking. How long a facelift lasts depends a lot on how the patient ages in general. A good skin care program combined with sun protection can go a long way in protecting your investment.

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