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Earlobe reduction and/or rejuvenation by Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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Ear Lobe Repair and/or Rejuvenation

Ear lobes are subjected to gravity just like everything else unless you live on the International Space Station. The effect that gravity has on earlobes depends on time passed, the patients skin characteristics and if the earlobes have been weighted down with earrings. If you were a fashion victim of the  60’s and 70’s and wore the big, heavy hoops, chances are your earlobes are stretched and/or your pierced hole is enlarged or have even torn through. The procedure of ear lobe rejuvenation usually involves repairing an overstretched or torn hole and/or reducing the size of the earlobe. Occasionally, an injection of filler like those used for wrinkles can plump up a thin earlobe and make it look more youthful. I recommend that patients choose light earrings after repair to help prevent recurrence of the stretching.

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