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Treatment of Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is a lot more common than you think.  It’s just that nobody ever talks about it.  Many of my asymmetry patients think they are on the only one in the whole world afflicted and are greatly relieved to see that it is a fairly common problem.  Sometimes if the asymmetry is minor, it can be addressed by altering the size of implants or the amount of fat injected or in cases of overly large breasts, altering the amount of breast tissue removed.  When there is major asymmetry in shape and/or size, treatment is more of a challenge.  Sometimes one side needs an implant and the other a reduction.  It can get tricky but it is almost always possible to get a significant improvement.  For those seeking perfect symmetry …… doesn’t exist except in Photoshop.  I look at breasts a lot and have yet to see a perfectly symmetrical pair.  

Quick Facts

  • Costs: $6,500 – $16,000 depending on what procedure(s) are done.
  • How much it hurts:  Quite a bit the first 2 days.  Usually on the third day, you can’t wipe the smile off your face.
  • Time off work or school:  1 – 2 weeks depending on occupation and the procedure(s) done. 
  • Time until driving again: 5 – 7 days or until you are off narcotic pain meds.
  • Time in post-operative bra: 3 weeks.
  • Time off the gym:  usually 4 weeks.
  • Time off the slopes:  usually 4 weeks.
  • Time off the kite board: usually 6 weeks.
  • How long it “lasts”:  depends on the procedure(s) done, patient age and if the patient has children and/or weight changes after the surgery.
  • Patient satisfaction :  high

I have used every tool in my breast surgery surgery toolbox to treat breast asymmetry – augmentation, lift, reduction, fat injection and liposuction!  Which procedure(s) I use depends on what you want and need.

In some patients, I recommend doing the correction in two stages. The first stage equalizes the breast size and shape, even if it means making the larger breast “too small” like the smaller breast and then, after a couple of months, augmenting both sides with breast implants. This is a relatively new approach that results in both breasts responding the same to gravity over the years and may improve the long term result of correction of severe asymmetry.

If you have breast asymmetry, take comfort in knowing that this is a fairly common problem and surgery can almost always improve symmetry.

The surgery is done in my AAAASF certified operating room.   Patients go home the same day. Recovery can be as rapid as a few days or as long as a few weeks depending on the procedure(s) done.

Sometimes patients with breast asymmetry seek out a female, woman or lady plastic surgeon in Seattle and I certainly qualify. I understand “breast issues” and know how challenging navigating the lingerie department can be! I think my part time job after retirement will be the nice older “bra lady” at Nordstrom!

Be sure to check out these breast asymmetry before and after photos in my gallery.

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