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Bra-line Back Lift

Bra-line back lift is an effective way to tighten and slenderize the back.  It is most commonly done for patients who have lost a lot of weight but even some slim patients develop laxity as they age.  The beauty of the procedure is that it is straight forward, recovery is relatively fast and the scar can usually be hidden under a normal bra or swimsuit top.

Quick facts:

  • Costs: $6500 – $7500 depending on the length of surgery.
  • Post-operative pain: moderate.  
  • Drain?  Usually no drain.  Yeah!
  • Time in compression garment:  3- 4 weeks.
  • Time off work or school: 1 – 2 weeks depending on occupation.
  • Time off driving the kids to lacrosse:  a few days unless you are driving a donkey cart.
  • Time off the gym:  4 weeks.
  • Time off the slopes:  6  weeks.
  • Time off the kite board: 8 weeks.
  • Time off house work:  forever!   Just kidding, usually 3 – 6 weeks.
  • How long does it last:  forever unless you have significant weight change.
  • Patient satisfaction:   high despite the long scar.

The fine print:

Bra-line back lift is accomplished by excision of a long wedge of excess skin and fat from the back.  The resultant scar extends from the side of the lower breast fold across the back to the other side.  It’s really long but can usually be placed so it is covered by a normal bra or two piece swim top. This scar behaves like most scars in that it can take up to one year for it to smooth out and fade.

Some patients benefit from liposuction alone of the back.  These patients usually have chubby backs and good skin tone and a history of stable weight.    Following liposuction of this area, patients need to wear a compressive vest or bolero for about 4 weeks.

At your initial consultation, I will examine your back and check your skin tone and decide  which of these procedures would be best for you. A written price quote will be given at this time.

Bra-line back lift is done under a general anesthetic in my AAAASF certified Seattle office operating room.   You may go home the same day as your surgery.  Most patients take a week or two off of work and most are able to return to all normal activities in about 4 weeks.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give my office a call at 206 467-1101.