Body Contouring of the Obese Patient » Recommended surgical weight loss centers.

Over the years I have seen many, many patients who have benefitted from weight loss surgery.  website weight lossMost of these patients have struggled with their weight for decades and finally found success with the help of weight loss surgery.  There are many weight loss centers in the Seattle area.  Two centers that have come highly recommended both by patients and by several physician friends are Northwest Weight Loss Surgery and Puget Sound Bariatric Center.   Both of these centers are known for their comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the obese patient.

If you are significantly overweight and think surgery may be the tool that will help you succeed in regaining your health, make that call and get educated.  Once you are on your way to a healthy weight and think that body or breast contouring would be beneficial, give my office a call.  I’m happy to be part of your weight loss journey.