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There is someone to address your questions and concerns 24/7.

I share weekend call with several other plastic surgeons. We check out to each other every Friday. The doctor on call should be aware of you and the type of surgery you have had if you are a “fresh patient” meaning you’ve been operated on in the last 1-1/2 weeks.

Please have the on call doctor paged for serious medical concerns. Please wait until Monday morning to call for administrative questions or minor concerns. We are always available to help, but we value our time away from work.

I do not check my email on weekends. Expect a response to weekend inquiries on Monday. Please do not email with long and complicated concerns. Those always require at least a phone call and often an office visit.

If you need medication refill, please call the office by noon on Friday.  Due to new federal regulations, we are no longer able to phone in prescriptions for most narcotic pain medications.  You are required to have a written prescription which means you need to stop by the office during office hours.  

To reach the on call doctor call 206 467-1101.

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