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Just so you know up front………………

All surgery deals with living tissue. The healing process and the body’s response to surgery varies from person to person. Therefore results can never be guaranteed.

In some cases, secondary surgery may be required. An area of concern regarding secondary surgery is the cost to the patient. The cost to you will depend on the nature of the original procedure and the nature of the secondary surgery. The original surgery may have been either medically indicated and covered by insurance, or cosmetic in nature and not covered by insurance. The secondary surgery may also be medically indicated or requested by you for cosmetic reasons. Accordingly, one the following situations may exist.


Your insurance may have reimbursed you for part of your expenses for your original surgery.  Secondary surgery, if required, may be covered in part by your insurance company depending on your particular policy. We will assist you with necessary documentation, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, etc.  If your insurance company denies coverage for the surgery, you will be responsible for expenses. Expenses include the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee and anesthesia costs.

Examples include revision of a scar following breast reconstruction or skin cancer excision.


If after your cosmetic surgery, there are areas which both you and your surgeon feel warrant a revision to achieve the optimal result, this surgery will be done without a surgeon’s fee. You will, however, be responsible for the facility fee, equipment and supplies and anesthesia fees. Examples include revising an unsatisfactory face-lift scar, treatment of significant asymmetry following cosmetic breast surgery, or refining an area of liposuction.


If after your cosmetic surgery, there are areas which you personally desire revised or repeated and the surgeon feels that you have had a satisfactory outcome from your initial surgery, this will be considered a new surgical procedure and you will be responsible for expenses. Expenses include the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, equipment, and anesthesia costs. Examples include a secondary face lift, changing the size or type of breast implants, redoing an area of liposuction after weight gain.

Some procedures are staged which means they are considered complete after two or more procedures several weeks or months apart.  Examples include liposuction of the upper arms followed by upper arm lift, breast lift after breast implant removal,  fat transfer to the breasts and some cases of liposuction.  If your procedure is to be staged, that will be discussed at your initial consultation and a price estimate will be given for each stage.

These notes are provided for your information in an attempt to clarify our approach to billing secondary surgical procedures. If you have any questions or if this information is unclear to you, please contact the office for further explanation.  (206) 467-1101.

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