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My staff is one of the reasons I look forward going to work in the morning. It’s a pleasure to work with such intelligent, kind and dedicated professionals.

Patient Care Coordinator and Front Office Manager

Rebecca provides price quotes for patients, schedules surgery, provides patient education, and generally makes sure everything and everyone is in place for the big event, meaning your surgery. She also makes sure our front office is running like a finely tuned machine. Her other job description is soccer mom for her young family.

Patient Care Coordinator

Raymi has been with us for several years as a front office coordinator and has been promoted to patient care coordinator. She brings the skills she demonstrated at our reception desk to her new job. Like Rebecca, she provides price quotes, schedules surgery and makes sure everything is ready to go for your big day.  Raymi and I have a special connection as mothers of young adults and teenagers!  She is also our designated office fashionista.  If you come in, check out her duds!

Financial Manager

Angela joined our team after spending years as a billing specialist with a large family practice group. She not only helps with accounts receivable and payable, and in-house accounting, she is our all-around paperwork guru. After hours, she’s busy with her young family. She tells me that she comes to work for some rest.

Front Office Coordinators

Britt will likely be the first friendly face you’ll see when you walk into our office. She helps get patients registered, answers our phones, schedules consultations and follow-up appointments—all with a big smile. She has a strong background in customer service, and it shows.

Dana answers our phone and helps keep our front office organized and efficient. She is a multitasker extraordinaire and I’m always glad to hear her upbeat voice answering our phone. There’s no phone tree in this office! She also helps out in the exam rooms and sometimes in our surgical facility. She is a trained medical assistant and really knows her way around a medical office.

Registered Nurse and Operating Room Supervisor

Robin brings decades of outpatient surgery experience to our office. She oversees our outpatient surgical facility making sure that each patient has the safest and most pleasant surgical experience possible. She also provides patient care and education in the clinic.. Robin is also in charge of our certification by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. and the Washington State Department of Health. She is a true Seattle girl.  She lives on a boat!

Registered Nurses

Tawnie brings many years of plastic surgery nursing to our office and operating room. She helps both in our operating room and also in our clinic. After a long day on her feet, she’s off to her second job as a wife and mother to three young children and then she’s back the next day to do it again. I wish I could bottle and sell her energy!

Christine spent several years in a general surgery outpatient surgery center helping with various surgeries including surgery for massive weight loss. She does a wonderful job helping our patients in the recovery room wake up and get ready for the ride home. She’s very happy to be working with our very healthy patient population. Off-hours she can be found biking, hiking or just hanging out with her young family.

Andrea P. has worked part time for us for years. She mostly helps with recovery in our surgery center, but pitches in whenever we need an extra pair of skilled hands. Her other job is in the intensive care unit at Swedish.

Amanda works for us part time in the operating room, recovery room and clinic.  When she is not working for us, she is taking care of some very sick patients at Seattle’s level 1 trauma center, Harborview Medical Center.  We enjoy hearing her stories from the trenches.


works for us part time in the operating room and recovery room.  She has a lovely way with patients and is a master at getting our patients comfortable, into their cars and on their way home.  She also works in the Intensive Care Unit at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Fran helps us out part time in the recovery room.  She brings years of experience in outpatient surgery and it really shows when that occasional patient has a tough time in the early part of recovery.

Andrea G. spends most of her time working in the Intensive Care Unity at the University of Washington Medical Center.  She works for us part time in our recovery room and really enjoys caring for our mostly very healthy patients.

Surgical Technicians

Karl is the newest member of our OR team.  He has been a surgical tech for many years and we snatched him up from one of our retiring colleagues.  He grew up in Hungary and I was surprised to learn that he is a big Willie Nelson fan.  I don’t have to fight over the radio station with Karl.

Jordan recently left her home in Texas to join our team and to give the Pacific Northwest a try.  She loves it here and we are thrilled to have her.  She has shown a wonderful natural talent for the fine details of surgery and also has been a very quick study with patient care. She also has excellent taste in music.  She loves Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson, just like me.

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