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Most of the procedure descriptions on this web site have a price range.  The prices include anesthesia fees and facility fees unless otherwise specified.  These are posted in the name of transparency (something lacking in health care) and to give prospective patients some idea of costs.  Individual costs will be provided upon formal consultation.   

You will be given a written price quote after I examine you at your initial consultation. We make our quotes as accurate as possible. If for some reason your surgery runs longer than anticipated, there may be additional facility and/or anesthesia fees.  If skin or tissue specimens are sent for examination, there will be a pathology fee.  The surgeon’s fee covers all normal follow-up care.

Fees are  collected at the preoperative visit, usually about two weeks before your surgery date. We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and of course, cash. We offer financing through Care Credit.

I charge a $100 consultation fee due at the time of initial consultation.  If you have surgery, that $100 goes towards my surgeon’s fee.   

I am well aware that some of the competition offers free cosmetic surgery consultations.  I do not and here is why:  I spend a lot of time with my patients at their initial consultation and if I did not charge for my time and expertise, the only way I could make that time worth my overhead is to recommend surgery for every patient who walks through my door.  That presents a moral hazard and I like to avoid moral hazards.  By charging for my time, I am able to give a honest assessment of the patient’s problem and whether or not a plastic surgical procedure would likely safely and effectively address their concerns.  For some patients being told plastic surgery will not likely benefit them is well worth the consultation fee.

Why I do not contract with health plans or insurance companies.

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I take care of you and you take care of your insurance issues.

Would you take a job in which you had no idea how much, when or even if you would get paid for your work?  Not likely. That is the situation that doctors are in when they contract with health plans (including the federal health plans of Medicare and Medicaid) or health insurance companies.

When I first started practice in 1991, I signed just about every contract that came across my desk. Several years into practice I found I was spending almost as much time haggling with third party payers as I was taking care of patients. I had a staff member who devoted all her time to jumping through hoops. After about 10 years in practice, I had had enough and knew there had to be a better way.  So I dropped all my HMO contracts and my practice became better. My focus was again on my patients, not on referral forms, authorizations slips, and my blood pressure. Several years ago I completed the dive into true independence by dropping all my insurance contracts and dropping Medicare and Medicaid.  All of these third party payers interfered with my practice of Plastic Surgery.

If you are looking to have your procedure covered by your insurance, you should seek care with a plastic surgeon who contracts with your insurance company.  Your insurance company should be able to provide you with a list. 

If you choose to come to me for a procedure that may be covered by insurance, the process of obtaining reimbursement from your insurance company is your responsibility.  I am happy to provide routine documentation such as operative reports, pathology reports, diagnosis and procedure codes, etc.  Please do not ask me or my staff to act as your advocate with your  insurance company.  Remember, there is a reason I dropped all of my contracts years ago.  My focus is on providing you with excellent care, not haggling with a customer “service” rep.  And again, you may be able to obtain care from an awesome plastic surgeon who is happy to contract with your insurance company.  It just won’t be me!

Thanks for understanding.  I just want to be happy and not contracting with insurance companies helps me be happy.  You want your surgeon to be happy.

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