A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook

Oh my aching back.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon on the perils of sewing day and night for several weeks.

I’ve had a several busy in surgery which means I’ve been hunching over the operating table and putting in stitch after stitch after stitch.  Then I’ve been going home and hunching over my sewing machine hour after hour after hour.  And my back is killing me.

I’ve been working like a maniac on my daughter’s Irish Step Dancing Solo Dress.  It’s her very first Solo Dress and in state of temporary insanity, I decided to design and make it myself. 

I’ve been sewing since grade school and there was a time when I made most of my clothing.  But this dress is the most challenging project I have ever taken on.  Solo Dresses are designed to make a dancer stand out on stage.  They need to be fitted to flatter the dancer but also move a certain way with the various jumps and leaps and twirls that make up Irish Step Dancing.     And they need to sparkle and shine. 

My daughter’s dress has a midnight teal velvet bodice and a drop waist with a three layer ruffled white satin skirt with a matching cape.  Did I mention about a billion metalic seed beads and rhinestones.  Oh, and there is the lining and the underlining.  And I think I need counseling after struggling with horrors of the “invisible”  zipper. 

Mu daughter and I are traveling to Portland, Oregon tomorrow for her first competition in her new Solo Dress.  I know exactly where I will be until the wee hours tonight.  I’ll be hunched over this dress, putting on the final touches of this magnificent garment which I expect my daughter to outgrow within 3 or 4 months.   Then……I get to start making the next one!

Thanks for reading and wish my daughter (and her dress) lots of luck.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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