A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook

I’m not being nosy, I’m being a good doctor!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon explains why she asks soooooo many questions.

I ask because I care.

    This week I saw a patient who was interested in a rather extensive Mommy Makeover.  She was a little bit put off by all of the questions I asked her about her medical and social history.  I think she thought that I was just being nosy.    

    I explained to her that anyone who may be having an operation needs a very thorough history so anything that could cause a problem is identified and managed before the day of surgery.  Just a few examples include high blood pressure, bleeding tendency, problems with acid reflux or sleep apnea.   

     The social history is also important.  I will not do a Mommy Makeover on a woman unless she is able to arrange for help with the kids for the first week or two after surgery.   

    Sometimes I feel that patients don’t regard plastic surgery with the same seriousness they regard other types of surgery.  Surgery is surgery.   And I’m a doctor first, a surgeon second and a plastic surgeon third.  And yes, I do ask a lot of questions! 

Thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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