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Happy New Year!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon discloses her pathetic New Year’s Resolution

On New Year’s morning, I took my dog, Stella, for a walk along the Fremont Ship Canal in Seattle.  It was a glorious winter morning with crisp air, the sun burning off the morning fog and that wonderful oblique pinkish light we only get this time of year.

Usually Stella and I have very little company down by the Ship Canal in the early morning but New Year’s morning, it was hopping with speed walkers, joggers and cyclists on land and  rowers and stand-up paddle boarders on the water.  I said to Stella, “Must be those New Year’s Resolutions”.  Stella, being a very smart dog, agreed with me.  And we both wondered how long those ambitious resolutions would last and when we would have the Ship Canal back to ourselves.  My bet is that within a month or two, it will be whole lot less crowded.    Well, that is if most of those people had a resolution record similar to mine.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon's Handbag

I resolve to put my handbag in the same place every day for the next year.

So onto my pathetic little resolution for 2014.  I kept it really simple and really doable this year.  I, Lisa Lynn Sowder, starting January 1, 2014,  do hereby resolve to put my handbag in the hallway cabinet every time I walk in the door.  When I shared this with my husband and kids, a collective sigh of relief was heard.

You see, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for my handbag.  And my husband and kids spend a fair amount of their time looking for my handbag.  In fact, if I can keep this pathetically simple resolution, I just may free up enough time for us to do something like jog or paddleboard or ride our bikes or play Scrabble.

So, I am into day two and so far, so good.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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