A ^Retired Plastic Surgeon's Notebook

Groupons for plastic surgery? Nope and here’s why.

Hip Seattle Plastic Surgeon does not offer Groupon for services.  Shocking, huh?

Groupon for medical services is considered fee splitting and it’s illegal.

I know, I know – Groupon is just the best thing since sliced bread but you won’t be finding it in my office, at least not until the laws change.

Yeah, it would be kinda fun to get a bajillion people to give Botox a try so they can see how fabulous it is and maybe turn them into life long Botox patients but the downside for me is that it is illegal.  You see, when a person buys a Groupon, the Groupon folks take a cut and that cut is called fee splitting and for medical services, it’s illegal.

The law does not look at this any differently than me paying another doctor for sending patients my way.  That sort of bad doctor behavior is taken very, very seriously.

So Botox Groupons just isn’t going to be something I offer.  Although, I would likely get some much needed rest behind bars, I think my family and my practice might miss me.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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