Do Real Men Have Plastic Surgery?

According to this female Seattle plastic surgeon, the answer is yes, real men have real plastic surgery.  About 10% of my patients undergoing aesthetic plastic surgery are men.   In my practice in Seattle, the most common cosmetic surgery procedures I perform on men are liposuction (usually love handles and abdomen and the area under the neck), eyelid and brow lift surgery and the correction enlarged breasts (gynecomastia).

As a female plastic surgeon, I feel very comfortable dealing with male patients, maybe because all my siblings and 2/3 or my offspring and most of my colleagues are dudes.  Men, just like women, need to make sure they have realistic expectations and are having surgery for themselves, and not to please someone else or society in general.

In my experience, men can find it very difficult to rest and take it easy after surgery.  A little sniffle may send some guys to the couch for days, but often after surgery they are pushing to go back to work or the gym or a run around Seattle’s beautiful Greenlake before they are sufficiently healed.  I spend a lot of my time in consultation stressing the importance of giving the body time to heal and the patient giving themselves permission to take it easy.  I’ll nag you not to do the vacuuming.  Now isn’t that a nice thought?

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