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Fat transfer to the breast – 3 year follow-up

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Left to right: Before fat transfer, one year post-op and three years post-op.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon is happy with her long term fat transfer to the breast results.

This week I saw one of my very first fat transfer to the breasts patients.  I was delighted to see her and to get this three year follow-up.  I beg my fat transfer patients to come in once a year but they, like all modern women, are just busy, busy, busy.

This particular patient wanted me to take a look at a little something on her face and I did.   But then I asked her to pose for photos.  As you can see, her fat transfer has held up well.  The left image is before fat transfer, the middle image one year post-op and the right image is three years post-op.  She has had no volume loss.  She has had a teeny, tiny bit of sagging but that’s just gravity for you.

And she told me an interesting story about her breasts.  Over the holidays, she had put on about 5 pounds (sound familiar?), and she says her breasts got quite large.  The fat I transferred to her breasts had come from her hips and normally that was the place she gained weight first but now that fat was in her breasts.   Her hips stayed slim but her chest went a little crazy.  She took off the extra weight over a couple of weeks and her breasts went back to their post-op size.

Her story illustrates why it is so important for body and breast contouring patients to maintain a healthy and stable weight.  I told her if she experiences the same weight gain this holiday season to come on in for photos!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder





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