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Do you have armpit cleavage? I’m here to help!

Seattle Plastic surgeon offers help for a common problem – ARMPIT CLEAVAGE

Most women have a little bit of breast tissue and fat just in front of the arm pit.  This is called the axillary tail of the breast.    This is all normal.

But some ladies, even slender ladies, have more than a little bit of breast tissue and fat in this area and I have heard it called many thing;  armpit cleavage, pit boobs, waddies, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, it can be an annoyance especially with some type of clothing.

The good news is that it is usually treatable with liposuction and this can usually be done at the same time as another breast procedure .   The excess fat and tissue is quite fibrous and therefore  a little tough to suction out.  Also, this area stays firm and sometimes lumpy for several months.  But when it’s all done and the swelling is down and the tissues softened up, it can be a really, really nice improvement.

I occasionally have to actually excise the area if it is quite large or saggy.  That incision is usually pretty easy to tuck up in the underarm area and it usually heals with a thin white line.

So if you have this annoying problem, I’m here to help.  If you get you surgery done by St. Patrick’s Day, you will be more than ready for summer clothes by Summer Solstice.

Take a look at this patient below.  She had a periareolar breast lift to lift her nipple and improve the shape of her breasts and also liposuction of her armpit cleavage.  She is shown about 3 months after surgery with a nice result.  She’ll look even better at six months as her scar around her areola fades.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

This patient wants her nipples lifted a little and the shape of her breast improved with the least possible surgery. She also wants to get rid of her armpit cleavange.

Here she is 3 months after a periareolar lift and liposuction of her armpit cleavage. She only took a couple of days off of work. She's pleased with her result as am I.



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