Considering Breast Implants?

The function of the female breast (aside from the brief periods when it serves for lactation) is as an organ of female identity.  The breast is a major component of a woman’s self image and is important to her psychological sense of femininity and sexuality.  Many women are perfectly satisfied with small breasts but others  may  seek breast enlargement to balance or enhance their figure, make clothing and swimwear selection easier (and more fun!) or to restore what childbearing and breast feeding or weight loss have taken away.  Improvement in self esteem and confidence almost always follows the physical enhancement of the breast.

Breast implants are the most carefully and thoroughly studied medical device in history and have an excellent record of efficacy and safety. The satisfaction rate of women who have had breast augmentation exceeds 90%. Implants come filled with either saline or silicone gel and are available in a wide variety of sizes and profiles.

At your consultation, I take into account your wishes, your lifestyle and your body type and make recommendations regarding size and type of implant. I assist you in “trying on” the implants and demonstrating what a big difference a little fullness “up top” can make.

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