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Yoga is great for manual laborers

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blogs about yoga for manual laborers.

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Lululemon? We don’t need no stinkin’ Lululemon.

I drive by many, many construction sites on my way to work these days.  Seattle is undergoing a huge building boom and is crawling with tower cranes and construction workers.

This morning I saw a whole crew of hard hats doing yoga in the wonderful clear and cool early morning air.  I got to watch them for a minute or so while waiting for the light to change.  These guys and gals looked great and there was no fancy Lululemon yoga fashion in sight.  I’m sure their work day goes better with a little yoga at the start of their shift.  Mine sure does.

It was a year ago that I switched from some heavy duty weight training two mornings a week to some lighter duty but very challenging yoga.  I’m amazed at how much it has helped my back and shoulders, and not just my flexibility but in also maintaining my upper body and core strength.   And then there is the “om” factor.  It’s nice to start the day with a clear head and peaceful mind because once I walk through my office door ………..

Thanks for reading and keep up with those side bends.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder (seasoned plastic surgeon but very, very green yogi)


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