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Trout Pout – Let’s Not Go There

Seattle Plastic Surgeon cajoles patient not to go with the Trout Pout look.

pinterest trout pout

Mona Lisa’s lips were NOT done by me!

I recently saw a patient of mine who I have been injecting with hyaluronic acid fillers for a couple of years.  She comes in about every 6 to 12 months for topping off.  This time she wanted “just a little more” to her already quite voluptuous lips and I just had to say “no”.  Another syringe of filler or even half a syringe of filler would have pushed her over the edge into a trout pout.

It very common for patients to think if something is good, more of that something is better but sometimes it just isn’t.  I see this mostly with breast augmentation patients and lip enhancement patients.  They loose their perspective.  One tool I use for these patients is their pre-operative or pre-injection photos.   Once they see these photos and realize where they were and where they are now, they are more likely to appreciate their nice, tasteful, “it could have occurred in nature on a very good day” result and less likely to try to twist my arm to do something that I do not think is in their best interest.

So if you see a woman with gigantic breast implants and lips to match, I can guarantee you that I am not her plastic surgeon!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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