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The Physician Payment Sunshine Act – your tax dollars hard at work

Seattle Plastic Surgeon is a little bit offended by the Physician Payment Sunshine Act but then again she is quite the Girl Scout and not easily bribed.  And where is the Congressional Payment Sunshine Act?

Sunshine is an excellent disinfectant.  Could we get it to shine a little on our politicians?????

Sunshine is an excellent disinfectant. Could we get it to shine a little on our politicians?????

The Physican Payment Sunshine Act is a nearly 300 page document about to land on the desk of doctors.  It is part of the Obama administrations ACA and is meant to keep those of us in the  medical industrial complex honest.

I must be living under a rock but apparently we doctors have been bought by the pharmaceutical and medical device companies who apparently make it a practice to shower us with fancy trips and meals and golf outings and all the pens and pocket protectors a doctor would ever need.  And all of this bribery makes us doctors prescribe drugs and use devices for patients that we otherwise would not.   Say what???????????

Maybe my memory is failing me but I just cannot think of an incident where I have used a medication or a device that I did not think was in the best interest of my patient.

I, like most doctors, do attend seminars and workshops and even anatomic cadaver labs to learn about new products and devices and how to use them and, yes, the sponsoring companies do feed us if  these events occur at mealtime.  Maybe we are just going to have to start brown bagging it lest we be overly influenced by all those Subway Sandwiches and Diet Cokes.

Sorry to sound so cranky but I’m just wondering when the sun is going to shine on those who are shining it on me.  I think they need a little cleaning up too.

Thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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