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Patient selection and surgeon selection. We have to like each other!

February 2nd, 2016 — 12:38pm
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“And I feel the same way about you.”

Recently I saw a patient who I just did not like.  I did my best to be professional and courteous but there were some very important health issues that he was unwilling to discuss.  It was sort of like he thought I was a technician who could just do what he told me he wanted done.  He had had several body contouring operations by other surgeons over the years to treat his weight problem.  He was unhappy with his surgical result, had had some significant postoperative complications (which he blamed on his surgeons) and he just wanted me to “fix things”.  I wanted to explore his weight issues which included secondary serious medical issues but he would have none of it.  I also wanted to know more about his previous surgery and he wanted none of that either.  He refused to allow me to obtain records of his previous surgery.  I wasn’t being nosy I was doing my job.  After about 10 minutes (seemed much longer) of this back and forth, he decided he didn’t like me and left.  I honestly cannot remember the last time this happened and I felt bad that I was unable to establish rapport with a patient.  But I am really, really glad he and I decided to dislike each other before I had a chance to operate on him!  Operating on someone is kind like going steady for several months.  Love my not be necessary but like certainly is!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

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